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What is “Super Natural”?
Super Natural is a Organic DHA Vegan Green based solution that suits the most pale of skin types. It delivers just enough colour leaving you with a flawless complexion, hiding all the little imperfections, veins and sun spots we get as we get older.
These solutions odourless & fast activating.

How long does it take?
It takes only 20 minutes to apply your tan.
Development time is between 1 – 2hrs.

“You can leave this solution on for up to 3 hours to achieve a dark depth in colour. No need to sleep in this solution… or any of solutions . We only offer the latest in cutting edge tanning technology”

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Spray Tan Pro offers a professional, flawless spray tan in their studio based in Rouse Hill of Sydney’s Hills District.

We guarantee a flawless, natural looking spray tan every time.

We’re proud to offer the complete range of Black Magic Tanning Solutions.